Our Team

His highness is a 20 years old kid with passion to learn and improve. He currently sees the world in numbers and graphs. Like me, share me, pin me, link me, edit me, It’s all part of his daily social media job, and guess what, he’s doing great at it.

Always daring to defy the set boundaries and create astonishing ideas, Rima find herself in the world of design like a fish in the water. It’s easier for her to express herself with colors and shapes rather than words. Her work is indeed at the same time her field of specialty and her favorite hobby.

Entrepreneur, cofounder, shareholder, manager, engineer, thinker, strategist, futurist, progressive, pioneer… That’s Steve jobs! Raed is simply a young dreamer who enjoys running businesses that strives for success.

A Computer Science graduate, always fascinated by the worldwide web, she fell in love with web development. Nagham also spends lot of time reading, romantic and true stories are favorites. She’s also good in writing poems and articles, especially in Arabic!

There are millions of reasons to love life, but I got 5 to share: First, because I believe in God, and am thankful for that. Second, because of Michael Jordan was ever born. Third, because I married a great woman. Forth, because life is the ideal stage to glow thoughts and ideas. Fifth, because it’s happiness when we solve a client problem at the digital boutique